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okay....its the LAST weekend of the Dallas FestEvil!!! Here is our FINAL line up!! $2 cover charge, Free parking, and we are all ages! We have Beer, Wine, Food, and much, much more!!

Thursday, tonight, is TransGender Night! We have Denton Divas, The Falkon, Burlesque on the Fringe, Bizzaro Future Circus doing a BLOODY BANG for their final show with us, and Gebo! PLUS We're still having our Red Cross Blood Drive! Donate and get a killer gift bag!!

Friday we have 99 Names of God, Save the Humans for Later, Destination Venus, and New Magnetic North! Tonight and tomorrow only...Wax hands will be on the FestEvil Grounds, and the ADULT/child Jurassic Obstacle Course! this is an HUGE blow up obstacle course! Have a drink then let the fun begin!!

SATURDAY!!! TSD is doing a final DEMONstration! Last time these guys were here, they nearly sold out the venue! Get there EARLY!!! We also have The Civilians, GIVE, Microtron, The Undoing of David Wright, and our Final Red Cross Blood Drive night!! You got your blood for free, now don't be stingy! This is the last night of Wax Hands and Jurassic Obstacle Course!

Sunday, awww, Halloween. We have several Surprise apprearances and performances! Bring your camera!! Listed, we have Minority, Phalanx, and Rockett Queen. but those are only the appetizers...the Main couse is yet to come!

Did you miss James O'Barr, creator of The Crow? Well, we have another gift for you on Halloween....here is a hint:

also, if you like movie posters, we're giving lots of them away this weekend!

Dallas FestEvil

Tonight 10/24 James O'Barr creator of THE CROW will be signing autographs at the FestEvil! We're also hosting a Red Cross Blood drive, so please donate if you can.


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$2 Gate Fee, Free Parking, All ages, $3 beer!!
Flametrick Subs with Satans Cheerleaders at the Dallas FestEvil

with Minority opening!! and Sleezus Fist and the Latter day Taints closing!!

okee...went and saw the GRUDGE...i havent laughed so hard in a long time..i am looking forward to seeing Primer...anyone else?

World Police
So has anyone else seen Team America? Anyone else like it? I didn't, I was expexting more, and I got less. Big big let down. The jokes were trite and predictable, and even a little lame. It lacked the cleverness and timing of thier other work.

audience participation is requested!! woo hoo!

also...if ya join the RIP ALL ACCESS we're currently giving away screening passes to THE GRUDGE, and we get cool promo stuff from other Horror flicks....if yer into that sort of thing...which i am!


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UTD's Meteor Theater

Showing: Super Size Me!

Times: Thursday (9/16) at 10pm
Friday (9/17) at 7pm and 9pm

Location: University of Texas at Dallas's McDermott Library (MC 2.410)

Cost: $1 $1 $1

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Why was I one of only FIVE people at the Anglika to see 'My Mother Likes Women' last week?
You indie film followers needa show more support!
Then again...it is nice to get to sprawl out when no one shows up to a movie.


The Rocky Horror Picture Show!
cyndi, lauper, hot
This weekend:

Saturday, June 26th, and every Saturday
Midnight 12:00
Ridgmar Movie Tavern
Arlington, Texas, Green Oaks Rd. & I-20

Three More Doritos Presents The Rocky Horror Picture Show
Fishnets! Lingerie! Half nekkid men and women! Debauchery! Liquor!

Come out and give yourself over to absolute pleasure! Dress as your
favorite character or whatever you feel like. Prop packs will be
available for sale. Arrive early (11:30ish) to ensure seating.

Hope to see lots of you there!

Toni Gnosis - Frank N. Furter/Brad Majors
Three More Doritos

Lone Star Drive-In
Mmmm sharks.
I was wondering if anyone knew any specifics about this LoneStar Drive-In thing. Apparently it's more of a movies under the stars kind of deal. But I think it would be fun and it's free(yay for that!) so I was going to check it out. But the website and everywhere else I've checked- doesn't give times for when the movies start or even an actual address or directions.

I kind of wanted to go to the Dallas showing of When Harry Met Sally tonight. But I could use the Addison directions as well. :) Much thanks in advance if you can tell me anything.


You know I just can't help it.
Prisoner of Azkaban is my favorite book from the Harry Potter series so far, so I just had to go see it.
Over all the movie was good and stayed true to the book, though it did leave out minor details in the story-line. Such as how Harry's father and friends made the Marader's Map, how Harry's father was an animagus and he helped Prof. Lupin when he turned into a werewolf. Not to mention Harry's father's animagus form and how it relates to the form Harry's Patronus charm takes.
I enjoyed the movie, I think the stlye of directing has improved from the first two movies and I look forward to the next movies.


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