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12/11/05 Chronicles of Narnia VIP Showing (for Adults)
annashea wrote in dfwmoviewhores
You are sincerely invited to join us for a private movie screening of:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

When: Seating starts @ 2:15pm
The movie begins @ 3:00pm

Who: We are mostly adults,” kids at heart”, some of us with children.

What & Why: This is a way we have found to spend time together, watch new release movies with the convenience of having no disruptive children, annoying cell phones ringing & the theatre full of friends! We feel this is a great opportunity for other adults of like-mind to join us. We would prefer that if you choose to bring your child, they be over 13 years in age.

Included in the admission price: All-you-can-eat sandwich wraps, chips & salsa, popcorn & sodas. More often than not we include some thematic goodies for you!

How: We have provided a link for Paypal payments. ($18 per person) or we will accept cash/check at the door on the afternoon of the event ($20).

Where: We have rented out a theatre room at The Movie Studio Grille in Addison, complete with wait staff. There is a bar in the lobby, but those drinks are not included in the $18 admission fee.

The theatre is tier-seating, with soft reclining-back seats. There is also a “private” booth in the very back of the theatre. For more info:

For those who have joined us before, we want to express our hearty appreciation. All those who have not, we welcome & look forward to meeting you!

~Katie, Alexis, Finn & James


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