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I'm so glad I'm found this community!
tracylab wrote in dfwmoviewhores
I just saw the movie Hitch at AMC 30 at Mesquite. Before the movie, do you all know where they have like the 15 minutes showings of featured artist and other stuff (before the actual movie previews)? Well, there were two artists they featured and a small clip of the music video. Well, one guy was kind of a pop-jazzy sound to it and I liked it a lot. I tried remembering his name and the sound title (it's something like "Beautiful ..." something. If anyone goes to the movies soon and notices the artist, can you let me know who it is? I've been looking high and low on the internet with no success.

And, I don't live in Mesquite, I was just there visiting a friend.

Any info helps! Thanks!

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im sure glad you clarified you dont live in mesquite--had i thought you HAD lived in mesquite there is now way i would have helped you--but since you dont...
but as for your question i dunno

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