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money anyone
i_ask_why_me wrote in dfwmoviewhores
Some of you know about research studies or "focus groups" but some of you may not. I am looking for some guys 20-40 years old who like to listen to country music on the radio. Is that you or someone you know??? Well we have a group where you simply listen to snipits of music for 2 hours and get $60.00 in cash. No catches, no sales!!! I do need some girls 20-24, but mostly guys. The group is going to be on the 15th at 6:30 right off of 360 by the ballpark. If you are interested or know someone that would be perfect for this please e-mail me at</font>. I will need a phone # to reach you at and your name. I will be calling between 1-8 Tuesday and Wednesday so reply quickly because quotas and age groups get filled fast. Also, if country music is not your thing....send me a message and I can get you hooked up to do other studies, we do these all the time over different products or services and you are always paid in cash. :)
please make sure to leave your number and i will call you, or the number of the person that wants to do the group. Thank you!


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