12/11/05 Chronicles of Narnia VIP Showing (for Adults)
You are sincerely invited to join us for a private movie screening of:

The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch & the Wardrobe

When: Seating starts @ 2:15pm
The movie begins @ 3:00pm

Who: We are mostly adults,” kids at heart”, some of us with children.

What & Why: This is a way we have found to spend time together, watch new release movies with the convenience of having no disruptive children, annoying cell phones ringing & the theatre full of friends! We feel this is a great opportunity for other adults of like-mind to join us. We would prefer that if you choose to bring your child, they be over 13 years in age.

Included in the admission price: All-you-can-eat sandwich wraps, chips & salsa, popcorn & sodas. More often than not we include some thematic goodies for you!

How: We have provided a link for Paypal payments. ($18 per person) or we will accept cash/check at the door on the afternoon of the event ($20).

Where: We have rented out a theatre room at The Movie Studio Grille in Addison, complete with wait staff. There is a bar in the lobby, but those drinks are not included in the $18 admission fee.

The theatre is tier-seating, with soft reclining-back seats. There is also a “private” booth in the very back of the theatre. For more info: http://www.studiomoviegrill.com

For those who have joined us before, we want to express our hearty appreciation. All those who have not, we welcome & look forward to meeting you!

~Katie, Alexis, Finn & James
MuseRefuge www.muserefuge.com

Business leads for movie posters in DFW area
Hi LJ'ers. I just started a new position putting up movie posters in different businesses in the dallas/ft worth area. The company I work for already has a good base of small and some large businesses to put these posters up in, but I get an extra compensation if I refer a new business to them. Right now every penny counts since I recently bought a house so if you know of any businesses, work in a business, or know someone .... I would appreciate the referral and help. It is easiest to talk to the owner, but if you think your larger business might allow it then pass it along to me. Thank you all in advance for any help! :)

I hope no one feels displaced by this, I am not trying to advertise anything. This is just to help me gain a little extra cash.

"Grizzly man" by Herzog
Guys, did you have a chance to see it?
Would it be a good idea to take a 6-year old to see it?


HOLLYWOOD in Dallas thought you guys would like to come.
Dress up as your favorite notorious celeb and win prizes
come see live singing, dancing and burlesque at the Church on the 24th with
Jami deadly and friends
click to see the flyer
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man of steel

Hello I'm Patrick and I'm making a horror film.  And I need your help.  My movie is called THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL.  Feel free to learn more about it and see a trailer HERE.

On the 9th and 10th,  that's a Monday and Tuesday I need people who want to play ZOMBIES OR VAMPIRES OR BOTH and wouldn't mind dying horrible bloody deaths.

No pay, but it will be fun, and there will be donuts and beverages.  18 and up only.  The shoot will be in Arlington.

If you have any martial arts or acrobatic skills,  even better.

For more details and or if you are interested email me at pumpkinking13@msn.com or casting@whethertheweather.com

A Whether The Weather Production


Indie Film
Hello, I'm making a horror movie and I need locations. I'm looking for an empty warehouse or room or office. Actually I'm looking for anything. So if anybody has or knows of a place that I could use for free (bar, restraunt, house, etc.) it would be GREATLY APPRECIATED. The movie is called THE MIDNIGHT SPECIAL. More info and a trailer can be seen at http://www.whethertheweather.com/wtwprod/TMSmainx.html

Anyone who has any info on locations can contact me directly at patrick@whethertheweather.com

I'm so glad I'm found this community!
I just saw the movie Hitch at AMC 30 at Mesquite. Before the movie, do you all know where they have like the 15 minutes showings of featured artist and other stuff (before the actual movie previews)? Well, there were two artists they featured and a small clip of the music video. Well, one guy was kind of a pop-jazzy sound to it and I liked it a lot. I tried remembering his name and the sound title (it's something like "Beautiful ..." something. If anyone goes to the movies soon and notices the artist, can you let me know who it is? I've been looking high and low on the internet with no success.

And, I don't live in Mesquite, I was just there visiting a friend.

Any info helps! Thanks!

money anyone
Some of you know about research studies or "focus groups" but some of you may not. I am looking for some guys 20-40 years old who like to listen to country music on the radio. Is that you or someone you know??? Well we have a group where you simply listen to snipits of music for 2 hours and get $60.00 in cash. No catches, no sales!!! I do need some girls 20-24, but mostly guys. The group is going to be on the 15th at 6:30 right off of 360 by the ballpark. If you are interested or know someone that would be perfect for this please e-mail me at misskaysen@hotmail.com</font>. I will need a phone # to reach you at and your name. I will be calling between 1-8 Tuesday and Wednesday so reply quickly because quotas and age groups get filled fast. Also, if country music is not your thing....send me a message and I can get you hooked up to do other studies, we do these all the time over different products or services and you are always paid in cash. :)
please make sure to leave your number and i will call you, or the number of the person that wants to do the group. Thank you!

(no subject)
and how
Has anyone seen this one or know of any theatres that are playing it? I probably should have asked this question 6 months ago but procrastination is in my nature :)

Indie Film
I'm a local indie filmmaker working on a low budget feature and possible TV show. I am desperately looking for anyone in or around DFW that is skilled in martial arts and or acrobatics and or gymnastics and or parkour. Males and females I am looking for you. Anyone with these skills please feel free to email us casting@whethertheweather.com

If you know anyone with these skills please get them in touch with me.

Info on our productions can be found on our site at http://www.whethertheweather.com
Info on the possible TV show/short film series can be found at http://www.thelivingdeadgirls.com

Payment is deferred but you will get screen credit as well as exposure.

- Patrick A. Prejusa
Whether The Weather Productions


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