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Business leads for movie posters in DFW area
i_ask_why_me wrote in dfwmoviewhores
Hi LJ'ers. I just started a new position putting up movie posters in different businesses in the dallas/ft worth area. The company I work for already has a good base of small and some large businesses to put these posters up in, but I get an extra compensation if I refer a new business to them. Right now every penny counts since I recently bought a house so if you know of any businesses, work in a business, or know someone .... I would appreciate the referral and help. It is easiest to talk to the owner, but if you think your larger business might allow it then pass it along to me. Thank you all in advance for any help! :)

I hope no one feels displaced by this, I am not trying to advertise anything. This is just to help me gain a little extra cash.


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