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"Grizzly man" by Herzog
innatro wrote in dfwmoviewhores
Guys, did you have a chance to see it?
Would it be a good idea to take a 6-year old to see it?


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I haven't seen it, but I know that the premise is this. Like Jane Goodall, a man and his girlfriend decided to live with Grizzly bears to show how they really are in the wild in the hopes of encouraging conservation of them. Unfortunately, the bears turned on thim at one point and killed and ate both the guy and his girlfriend. Not kidding.

Herzog's documentary takes the film they shot along with interviews with friends and family to really show the life of the late filmmaker and his sort of detachment from "normal" society. I would think, given the subject matter, it wouldn't really be what a 6-year old would expect out of a bear movie.

I'd suggest march of the penguins if you're looking for a nature documentary that's a lot of fun, or Duma, about a boy with his pet cheeta who has to release him back into the wild, directed by the same director who did Fly Away Home and the Black Stallion. I'm not sure if it's opened in dallas though.

Thanks! You are right about 6-year old's expectations. I will see it without him. We have seen and loved Penguins, didn't like much Deep Blue. I will check about Duma in case I missed it.

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